Since 1999, Woolistic has set the standard worldwide for creative, quality custom wool cycling apparel.

Using only the finest 100% Merino wool, Woolistic offers custom wool cycling jerseys, sweaters, shorts, and lifestyle clothing, giving you total design control.

We offer a low minimum of 35 pieces for 100% custom wool jerseys/apparel, or 25 pieces if using one of our many existing designs. Choose from a wide range of colors to combine as you desire. We offer the most creative styles due to our advanced knitting machines and years of experience. We never offer only one simple 'cut/sew' model in a few colors with your name slapped on the chest. When we say "custom", we mean 100% custom.

Woolistic produces custom wool jerseys and sweaters for the world's leading bicycle brands, retailers, clubs, and athletes who demand true style, performance, quality, and comfort. Email us for more information on how you can have the best Merino wool sportswear on your back.

As outdoor athlete, you understand that being comfortable in the elements can make or break your enjoyment and performance.

That's why Woolistic works hard to offer the world's finest merino wool base layers, jerseys, sweaters, and accessories made especially for sport.

Our BODYBASE wool undershirt is an example. Designed for a snug fit and made to wear under cycling jerseys. It keeps the body warm on cold days due to the natural performance of Merino wool. Combine that with our 'Sputnik' wool skullcap and you will be riding in comfort on any winter day.

Woolistic has released new high- performance wool shorts, arm, knee, and leg warmers and tights. From head to toe, you perform without the smell or chill that you get with synthetics. That's our guarantee.

Coppi, Merckx, Nuovo Record, leather cycling shoes, and classic wool jerseys. It's all from the golden era when cycling had a certain mystique. Woolistic keeps the passion alive with exact replica vintage Merino wool team jerseys and trainers. Bella!

Vintage style is unique. It is bold, clean, and it screams 'style'. But you get more than just style, you also get comfort and performance. Say goodbye to that clammy feeling you get with synthetic jerseys. Bask in the pleasure of a sweet-smelling jersey ride after ride.

We produce vintage team wool jerseys exactly like the originals for several brands. Soft 100% Merino wool that is machine washable with chain-stitch embroidery throughout. Life is too short to accept low quality wool/acrylic jerseys. There is only one Grand Master of wool sportswear: Woolistic. Available at your local retailer or at

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